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Wally Cuddeford

Crawford Peace House controversy

There's a fantastic, well detailed article on the North Texas IndyMedia site outlining the whole controversy over some Waco "activists" who stole the name "Crawford Peace House."


Pay close attention to the direct quotes attributed to Ms. and Mr. Row and to Ms. Oliver, the culprits of all this. They're the most telling of anything.

As for myself, I was a 10-day volunteer at the original Camp Casey in August 2005. The operation was run using a top-down hierarchy coming from the core organizers, with open consensus meetings deciding only the smallest of details. But the top-down style also reflected the whole "We're former military and we're against war" message GSFP, MFSO and VFP were portraying, and the model definitely achieved their short-term aims. It was also a difficult and massive operation (none of them had any idea it was going to balloon into what it did), and was run very adeptly, efficiently and positively. I saw no evidence of maliciousness or infidelity, financial or otherwise. The whole operation has been a huge boon to the anti-Iraq-war movement, prompting sideline liberals to be more daring in their resistance, and de-ligitimizing pro-war/pro-empire Democrats and their supporters. Any flaws one might see with, for instance, the top-down structure, or tactical disagreements one might have with how this group of people ran their demonstration, are largely inconsequential with real peace/anti-war/anti-imperialist activists. In short, there's simply no excuse for anyone who deludes themselves into thinking they're somehow "for peace" to wage war on an anti-war organization that's actually working in some way to make some tangible impact on the world.

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