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The Cindy Sheehan community

The Cindy Sheehan Community
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This community is dedicated to the most celebrated peace activist of 2005, Cindy Sheehan.

The purpose of this community is to post news about Cindy's actions and activism, and to share whatever Cindy related stuff you find.

This community is stance neutral. Pro-Cindy and anti-Cindy stuff is welcome.

This is NOT read or moderated by Cindy Sheehan herself. This community is moderated by wallycuddeford. If you have feedback for the moderator, comment anywhere you see him. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Do not:
-plug your own community, unless you have a good justification for doing so here.
-spam or post excessive pics outside of an lj-cut.
-violate LJ TOS or any generally accepted standards of community involvement.
The moderators reserve the right to ban anyone for violating any of these terms.