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Final Camp Casey reunion

Cindy Sheehan has sold her land in Crawford, Texas, near George Bush's ranch, to Bree Walker, a progressive radio talk show hostess from San Diego. Bree plans on turning it into a memorial / peace garden / monument.

But before that, Camp Casey alumni (and anyone who wants to come) will have one final reunion there, specially timed to coincide with Cindy Sheehan's 50th birthday. (Also well timed, as it's right after the Social Forum in Atlanta.)

Crawford, Texas. July 6-8. In the unlikely event that you go to Crawford and can't find the Peace House, check out www.crawfordpeacehouse.org for directions. Also, if you want to go but aren't into camping out in the Texas heat and humidity, the number for the nearest hotel, the Weston Inn, is 254-840-0444.
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