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Wally Cuddeford

An update from Tammara Rosenleaf, at Camp Casey in Crawford

Well folks, we are up to our ankles in fire ants, dirt, and brush, but moving along on the goals of advancing peace from Crawford, Texas. Who would have guessed that the center of fascism in the United States would also be the center of peace in the United States?

Things are a bit different here from last year. The first big difference is that we are no longer on public property, but rather on property that has been purchased for the purpose of hosting the camp. We still have the big tent up, we are working on the water and power. Right now we are running on a bio-diesel generator that has been donated by Willie Nelson so that we can keep the lights on. We are getting drinking water delivered in 5 gallon containers and encouraging folks to reuse water bottles, or use ones that are permanent rather than disposable.

We have done a number of very successful actions off the property, including several visits to Fort Hood to hand out leaflets outside the main gat. The effort has been very well received, with many soldiers taking GI Rights Hotline brochures, Iraq Vets Against the War pamphlets, an Military Families Speak Out flyers. The first time we went, we got much press coverage, and the local paper printed the number of the GI Right Hotline in the news article they published the day following our visit.

Last night we received confirmation that these efforts are having an effect. A GI Rights Hotline organizer called to Camp Casey to ask what was going on, because they have received a huge number of calls from Fort Hood. YES!

We also sent a group of Iraq Vets Against the War to the Killeen Recruitment Station, to do a truth in recruitment action. The vets were accompanied by a number of Camp residents who handed out information on truth in recruitment, and Iraq Vets/Military Families literature. The group returned to report that they had convinced at least 2 people not to go into the station until they had researched what information we had given them, and another went in, but turned around and came back out to say thanks to our vets and go home.

The most exciting project so far was a disruption of the Rove fundraiser at a hotel in Austin. In that action, the camp residents staged a multi-pronged event, including 2 banner drops, from the atrium of the hotel, setting up a gauntlet that the diners had to walk through with chants of "People die while you dine" and "Try Rove for treason", the Austin Pink Police from Code Pink attempted to effect a "citizen's arrest" on Rove, but were not successful and two people got inside the dinner to disrupt it. One Code Pink organizer got arrested, but other than that, it was a great action.

Meanwhile, people back in camp have been working on the Code Pink Garden, and the representative cross project that resembles the Arlington West project. The camp continues to be a place where all people can find a place to contribute to the anti-war effort.

We are getting more an more support from the local area, with a number of Crawford residents coming to attend the evening program, listening to our members speak, and finding ways to help our efforts. We continue to have people arrive, set up camp and pitch in, finding a way to work themselves into the effort.

If you can, please find a way to come- it will be worth it.
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